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ITACA-UPV Institute highlights its contribution to social progress and technological development on its 25th Anniversary

The day included different round tables and two keynote lectures given by José M. Carmena and Javier Sirvent.

The ITACA Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) celebrated its 25th anniversary with the «Conference on Innovation and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Technology» (WIICT 2024), which highlighted the contribution to social progress and technological development of the UPV research centre.

The event, held at the Polytechnic City of Innovation, brought together leading experts in the fields of technology, environment, health, welfare and industry to discuss and share knowledge on the latest advances and challenges in these sectors.

The opening ceremony was attended by María Belén Picó, vice-rector of Research at the UPV; José Manuel Catalá, director of the ITACA Institute; María Guillem, deputy director of the ITACA Institute; and Carlos Fernández, coordinator of WIICT and ITACA researcher, who coincided in highlighting the impact of the research developed by the UPV centre.

María Guillem, Belén Picó,José M. Catalá and Carlos Fernández during the opening ceremony.

«The ITACA-UPV Institute has played a crucial role in technological innovation and the promotion of sustainable development. During its 25-year history, ITACA has led numerous research and development projects that have made significant advances in areas such as digital health, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility,» said the director of ITACA.

In this regard, the speakers indicated that one of ITACA’s added values is that its multidisciplinary and collaborative approach «has enabled the creation of pioneering technological solutions that not only address technical problems, but also contribute to environmental sustainability and social welfare», they stressed.

In fact, this work has positioned ITACA as «a benchmark in the field of advanced information and communication technologies, highlighting its commitment to the creation of a more innovative and sustainable future», those present remarked.

Joan Aguado, Eduardo Rojas, José Vicente Oliver, Antonio García and Gracia Cicuéndez.

First block: round tables and keynote lecture by José M. Carmena

After the opening ceremony, the first round table of the day took place, focusing on «Environment and Sustainable Mobility«. Moderated by José Vicente Oliver (ITACA-UPV), this session was attended by renowned experts such as Eduardo Rojas (ITACA-UPV), Gracia Cicuéndez (Valencia Chamber of Commerce), Joan Aguado (Valencia Provincial Council) and Antonio García Celda (Valencia European Green Capital), who spoke about the importance of forest management and land preservation, the challenges and business initiatives to promote sustainable mobility and explained some local projects develop.

After, the renowned professor José M. Carmena from the University of California-Berkeley gave a keynote lecture. Carmena, Chancellor’s Professor of Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience, is known for his research in neural engineering and systems neuroscience.

José M. Carmena explaining the objectives of his research.

During his presentation, he addressed the neural basis of learning and sensorimotor control, highlighting how these areas are fundamental to our understanding of the brain, and detailed advances in creating reliable neuroprosthetic systems for people with severe disabilities.

«Our research aims to improve people’s quality of life and independence. Multidisciplinary research and collaboration are necessary to address complex challenges in neuroscience and engineering,» said the renowned expert.

José M. Carmena, José Millet, Salvador Vera and Vicente Traver.

After the lecture by Professor José M. Carmena, a round table on «Health and Wellbeing» was moderated by José Millet (ITACA-UPV). In this session, José M. Carmena, Salvador Vera (Mysphera) and Vicente Traver (ITACA-UPV), shared experiences and perspectives in the field of entrepreneurship and technological innovation in digital health, who spoke about technological innovations and integration in the field of digital health to improve the well-being of patients.

Keynote lecture by Javier Sirvent and last round table

Javier Sirvent, Technology Evangelist, gave the second conference of the event entitled «The Next Big Think. Nothing will ever be the same again». Sirvent, renowned for his ability to anticipate technological trends, highlighted advances in artificial intelligence or augmented and virtual reality.

The lecture from Javier SIrvent was very interesting.

«Emerging technologies will change the way we live, work and interact: we are on the threshold of a new era in which nothing will ever be the same again», he stressed.

After his speech, the day continued with a round table on «Industry and Energy», moderated by José M. Catalá (ITACA-UPV). Javier Sirvent, Ángel López (Ceinnmat) and Javier Urchueguía (ITACA-UPV) took part in it and discussed the impact of innovation and technological disruption in industry, and the future of renewable energies.

Javier Sirvent, José M. Catalá, Javier Urchueguía and Ángel López.

Finally, the event concluded with the WIICT awards for distinguished researcher and best poster presentations, which went to José Manuel Catalá, Adrián Miró and Amal Chaffai, respectively.

José M. Catalá received the WIICT awards for distinguished researcher

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