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ITACA Institute has a strong commitment to collaboration with other research centers and industry, facilitating the acceleration of innovation and encouraging an entrepreneurial culture.


We are committed to supporting small and medium sized companies as well as big companies and public entities, improving our society through the transfer and application of knowledge from our research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.


We are devoted to the development of new products and concepts. Get rapid access to some of our research results. Entries include ongoing as well as completed research and new developments.


We recognize the importance of intellectual property rights. Protection of the research investment stimulates innovation, design and the creation of technology. Discover some of our most revelant applied results and get access to them.

Spin-off Companies

We are fully engaged with university's third mission. Know those business initiatives that have their roots in knowledge or technology generated at ITACA Institute.

Business Chairs

Our institute is firmly committed to this way of establishing an extended and authorised collaboration of companies, foundations or entities with business links with the Universitat Politècnica de València to develop teaching, research and technological and knowledge transfer objectives.