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IX Workshop on Innovation on Information and Communication Technologies


Doctoral Thesis Defense Act

Defense made by Ms. Olga Navarro Martínez


Safety bubbles for drones

The UPV performs the first mass drone flight in Europe and presents a new platform that avoids collisions in the airspace


Doctoral Thesis Defense Act

Defense made by Mr. Israel Griol Barres


Artificial Intelligence and COVID19

A study led by the UPV, an international reference for the application of AI to the monitoring and management of COVID19


European project DISH

The UPV, the UV and the IIS La Fe join forces to improve the digital training of health professionals and the quality of care


I Hackathon Jeanologia MISSION ZERO Chair

Innovative and sustainable solutions for drying in the textile industry


Road safety and traffic management

Researchers from the ITACA Institute design an innovative low-cost sensor for monitoring electric scooters and bicycles on bike lanes


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