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Research Fields

The research activities of ITACA Institute are focused on the implementation of social and industrial solutions, tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the planet.

From designing and implementing secure smart cities and intelligent network infrastructure to improving clinical decision-making tasks, ITACA’s research efforts are enriched by building meaningful partnerships with leading research centres and companies, taking advantage of all the synergies.

ITACA's research lines are grouped into five research fields. ITACA promotes collaboration across different research fields, as scientists share their research and technical expertise with one another. This multidisciplinarity allows us to address societal challenges and to find solutions to real-life complex problems.


Computer Science

Each new development or improvement in ICT is a potential source of opportunities that can lead to pervasive and radical changes in our lives. Research in this field at ITACA focuses on these opportunities, seeking to satisfy both social and industrial needs.

Energy, Transport and Environment

ICT can generate growth and transform people’s lives in ways consistent with sustainable development, playing a key role in the Green Economy, one that is low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive.


Health and Wellbeing

Health is a precondition for economic prosperity. People’s health affects productivity, the availability and quality of human capital, and public spending. ITACA aims to provide solutions to some of the health and wellbeing challenges that our society will have to face in the coming years.


Production Technologies and Materials

New-generation ICT is opening new horizons for industry to improve processes and to develop innovative materials, products and services. Research in this field at ITACA focuses on the use and combination of Key Enabling Technologies.



The revolution in transmitting technologies continues to have a significant social, cultural and economic impact on modern society. Research in this field at ITACA focuses on obtaining a greater knowledge of these technologies, regardless of their end applications.