Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA)

Research Fields


Biomedical Data Science (BDSLab)

We are committed with the development of technology based on data science & artificial intelligence for real health problems. Our expertise includes machine learning, predictive modelling, data quality and variability, multiparametric tissue signatures, decision support systems and medical imaging.

Electrophysiology Analytics Lab (EP Analytics Lab)

We are dedicated to interpreting and analyzing intracavitary and non-invasive cardiac signals, aimed at deepening our understanding of cardiac pathologies. With this aim, we have collaborated with the clinical world by means of multidisciplinary equipment and projects.

Cardiac Oriented Research (COR)

We focus on bridging engineering, health sciences and artificial intelligence with the common goal of preventing, diagnosing, and fighting cardiac arrhythmias through innovative and non-invasive methods based on 3D intracardiac mapping.

Microwave (DiMAS)

We undertake scientific and applied research, technological development and technology transfer initiatives in the field of microwave engineering. We also offer consultancy services of advice, high frequency measurements, and expert feasibility studies, applicable to the microwave sector.

Medical Image Analysis (MIA-LAB)

We have been working for the last 20 years in the processing and analysis of medical images, with special emphasis on magnetic resonance images of the human brain. We have developed and transferred many state-of-the-art methods for quantitative neuroimaging.

Electromagnetic compatibility (ICEM I+D)

We specialise in advanced antenna design and the development of innovative software for transmission. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology for research in electromagnetics and wireless communications.

ICTs against Climate Change (ICT VS CC)

We are committed to the use of ICTs in relation to environmental issues related to Climate Change, integrating knowledge from the areas of environment, agriculture and forestry, industrial process technologies, renewable energies, sustainable construction, transport and mobility.

Wireless sensor networks (RIS)

Our goal is to apply our extensive experience in the design and implementation of intelligent monitoring and control systems, the development of hardware devices, their embedded applications, and their integration through various communication technologies in Cloud IoT platforms to different sectors.

Health and Well-being (SABIEN)

Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of people’s health and quality of life, through the use of tools based on information and telecommunications technologies, seeking to consolidate them as an element of change and transformation of society.

Traffic control systems (SCT)

We are committed to the advancement of intelligent transport systems through technology consulting and the development of products and applications to improve traffic and safety.

Air navigation systems (SNA)

We seek to ensure a safe, ordered and environmentally friendly use of airspace by developing research and knowledge transfer in navigation and surveillance technologies and concepts for Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Traffic Management.

Fault-tolerant systems (STF)

For the last 30 years, we have been investigating on the design and evaluation of computer-based systems with dependability and security requirements, such as safety, reliability, privacy and high availability.