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ITACA-UPV promotes a guide for the creation and management of ‘Escape Rooms’ in the health sector

Álvaro Fides, researcher of the SABIEN group, has participated in the development of this guide to improve health education through innovative tools.

The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA) of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has promoted the development of an innovation pioneering guide for the creation and management of ‘Escape Rooms’ as an innovative educational tool in health education programmes.

This work is the result of the Escape4Health project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, with the participation of Álvaro Fides, a researcher from the ITACA-UPV research group on ‘Technological Innovations for Health and Well-being (SABIEN)’.  The guide, numbered 168 in the publication series of the International Association for Health Professional Education (AMEE), represents an advance in health education.

‘In this guide, users will find a detailed roadmap for designing and executing “Escape Rooms” for educational purposes, from initial conception to practical implementation. Specifically, they will learn how to identify the target audience, establish precise learning objectives, design tests and evaluate the educational impact of these immersive experiences», highlights Álvaro Fides, researcher at ITACA.

The reason for this guide is the demand for dynamic educational tools in the healthcare, where the integration of new technologies and pedagogical approaches has been shown to improve health education.

The guide, currently available online, will be published in the prestigious journal Medial Teacher, contributing to the advancement of health education internationally.

The SABIEN group

The SABIEN group (Technological Innovation for Health and Well-Being) is composed of more than a dozen researchers dedicated to the application of ICT in the health and social fields.

With extensive experience acquired through its participation for more than 25 years in numerous national, regional and European projects, SABIEN covers research into new paradigms for the use of ICT, the design of innovative applications for social care or the training of citizens in the promotion of healthy lifestyles, among other areas of action.

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