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The conservation of Valencia’s cultural heritage must be a priority that guarantees its legacy to future generations and, at the same time, be the driving force behind a historical identity that can be brought as close as possible to the citizen. The economic factor limits these opposing aspects that this project aims to reduce through preventive conservation techniques supported by the latest advances in information technology (ICT).

The cultural heritage is especially influenced by the environment that surrounds it, in terms of stress produced by physical agents such as humidity, temperature, solar radiation; by chemical agents such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), ozone (03), salts, etc., and by the human factor in photographs, vandalism, etc. that create conditions that are detrimental to its conservation. The continuous monitoring and control of the conditions that define the microclimate to which the works of art are exposed is the basis of preventive conservation, since it allows the application of corrections that prevent deterioration. Likewise, the control of human activity can minimize other more specific aspects.

Furthermore, the important evolution of ICT technologies in the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing can open up new perspectives in terms of the acquisition/action on the work of art in a wireless way and its ease of processing decoupled in the cloud.

Through the application of IoT and cloud computing, this project aims to achieve the following objectives: drastic reduction of the economic requirements of monitoring facilities, reduction of the impact on the worksite, significant improvement in flexibility and simplicity of operation, ease of exploitation of information by the scientific community and the authorities responsible for prevention.


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Horizon 2020


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1 January 2016 – 31 December 2017