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Factory of the Future (Industry 4.0)

We stand on the brink of an industrial revolution driven by new-generation ICT that is opening new horizons for industry to improve processes and to develop innovative materials, products and services.

Research in this field at ITACA focuses on the use and combination of Key Enabling Technologies, looking for smart and resource-efficient industrial processes, innovative products and services and the generation of new materials with enhanced properties.

Our current research in this field is grouped into the following topics.

Eco-efficient Microwave Processing

ITACA has extensive experience in the application of innovative manufacturing technologies based on high power electromagnetics and the optimization of production processes to increase production efficiency and product quality. We develop microwave applicators for industrial microwave heating as an alternative to more conventional heating technologies.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

With more than 20 years of experience related to electromagnetic compatibility and the development of numerical methods, ITACA offers its expertise in simulation and resolution of electromagnetic and heat transfer problems through different numerical methods, compliance-oriented design of electromagnetic compatibility of electrical products, and the development of electromagnetic-energy absorbing materials.

Industrial Electronics & Networks

Our research is oriented toward the applications of electronics, controls and communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing systems and processes. ITACA is a powerful ally in the development or deployment of embedded systems. We also develop efficient solutions to address low-level communications in control systems. This means communications between sensor, processing and actuation elements. These solutions can be either wired or wireless in environments based on embedded systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, or general purpose systems (PCs and industrial PCs)

Sensors and Sensor Networks

This topic is dedicated to low-power electronic components, modules, or subsystems whose purpose is to detect events or changes in their environment (whether it be a smart city, a smart factory or the ocean) and send the information to other electronics, allowing the intelligent management of the same. ITACA has developed applications for precision agriculture, environmental monitoring (including marine environments), fire detection, heritage conservation and industrial equipment control, among others. We also design non-invasive microwave-based portable measurement equipment for industrial process monitoring.