Electromagnetism Lab

The Electromagnetism Lab of ITACA Institute undertakes scientific and applied research, technological development and technology transfer initiatives in the field of microwave engineering. The Lab also offers consultancy services of advice, high frequency measurements, and expert feasibility studies in projects of technological development, applicable to the microwave sector.

Methods and Equipments (Selection)

  • Lathe CMZ TB-46M
  • Universal CNC Milling Machine Lagun 4
  • Universal CNC Milling Machine Alecop
  • Lathe EMCO Compact 8
  • Band saw Belflex BF275
  • Column milling drill
  • Portable Raman System


  • Electromagnetic modeling of open and closed microwave structures.
  • Design of microwave cavities, dielectric measurement probes, filters, duplexers, etc.
  • Development of microwave circuitry such as oscillators, receivers, filters, phase shifters, antenna, both in planar (microstrip, coplanar, etc.) and waveguide technologies.
  • Design of network analyzers for industrial conditions.
  • Development of basic metrology and specific and accurate (microwave and RF) measurement devices.
  • Design and construction of complete microwave sensors systems with portable measurement equipment to be completely autonomous.
  • Design of inline dielectric properties measurement solutions.
  • Development of microwave applicators for microwave heating in the industry.


Pedro Plaza González
ITACA Institute – Universitat Politècnica de Valencia
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46022 Valencia (Spain)

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