Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA)

ITACA-UPV is working on the development of a tool to support with the challenges of online teaching

The tool will show to the teachers their emotional state during online teaching and provide them with tips.

«Online learning involves several challenges at an emotional level, both for students and teachers, which require solutions that address technological, pedagogical and psychological support aspects to improve the learning environment».

This is the reality of the Yes4Elearning project «Tools and Strategies for Supporting the Adaptation to E-Learning in HE Sector», an Erasmus+ programme, which has held a workshop at the Institute of Information Technology and Advanced Communications (ITACA) of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

Coordinated by the University of Klaipeda in Lithuania, the European research integrates six partners from five countries that seek to improve the online learning process and mitigate the possible negative effects on mental health associated with this modality.

During the meeting, the preliminary results of the first months of work were shared, case studies were presented and future objectives were planned, as well as the distribution of tasks among the partners.

In fact, different studies have found that teachers face challenges such as adaptation to new technologies, absence of direct interaction, time management and concern for educational quality. Students, on the other hand, may experience isolation, demotivation, stress and technical difficulties, affecting their well-being and academic performance.

Eloína Coll is the principal researcher of the UPV in the project

«Both groups, students and teachers, can suffer from digital fatigue and disorganisation due to the lack of a structured routine that has an impact on their mental health,» says Eloína Coll, lecturer at the UPV and lead researcher of the ITACA-UPV project (ICTvsCC group on Information Technologies against Climate Change).

Value proposition

The project works on the development of an innovative online evaluation tool for teachers and higher education workers participating in distance learning.

Victoria Lerma, researcher at ITACA-UPV and participant in the project, explains that «we want to integrate digitalisation in education, not only through technological tools, but also by promoting a holistic digital culture that includes different perspectives and provides the necessary skills to thrive in a constantly evolving digital environment».

In this way, the tool will show teachers their emotional state during online teaching and provide them with emotional management support guidelines.

«The tool will be tested by each partner and, in addition, an online course will be designed for students, improving their psychological adaptation to e-learning, as well as a creative digital storytelling exhibition,’ says the ITACA-UPV researcher.

Finally, it is highlighted that this research is in keeping with the global priorities of digital transformation, «recognising the fundamental role of digital competences in shaping future generations«, concludes Eloína Coll.

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