Thermal tests for thermal characterization of vertical ground heat exchangers (BHE)

Our research institute proudly offers thermal testing services for the thermal characterisation of vertical ground heat exchangers (BHE), an essential component in geothermal installations.

Thermal testing is vital for understanding the behaviour of buried heat exchangers in geothermal air-conditioning systems. It helps determine their thermal characteristics and interaction with the ground, which is crucial for calculating the optimal length of the heat exchanger. Incorrect design can lead to system malfunctions (undersized exchangers) or increased installation costs (oversized exchangers). Proper thermal testing ensures efficient and cost-effective operations, preventing potential issues and optimising geothermal air-conditioning installations.

Our services ensure that your geothermal installation operates at peak efficiency and resilience, promoting sustainability and energy conservation. Our team of experienced scientists and engineers are dedicated to providing accurate, data-driven results, facilitating optimal design and functionality for your geothermal infrastructure.


  • To understand the thermal behaviour of a buried heat exchanger.
  • Study the thermal interaction between the borehole and the ground.
  • Efficient and accurate design of air-conditioning installations using geothermal energy.


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