Development of equipment for radar and radiolocation systems

Since the early 1930s, radar systems have formed the basis of numerous military systems. After the end of World War II, these systems have formed the basis of Air Traffic Control and have been applied to numerous civilian fields. Since the development of satellite navigation systems (GNSS), in particular GPS, and their release for civilian use in the early 2000s, these systems have been used extensively in vehicle surveillance of all kinds and have given rise to countless applications.

Within this field, researchers at the ITACA Institute work on the design and construction of prototype radar systems and subsystems, radar data processing systems, development of tools for the deployment and evaluation of distributed radar systems and GNSS-based surveillance systems.

Our participation in research projects and our academic activity in this field have provided us with a unique experience in this field that enables us to offer solutions to radar and radiolocation problems from early maturity levels (below TRL5) to pre-commercial systems (TRL7 and 8).


  • Aeronautical surveillance based on multilateration and ADS-B systems.
  • Radar data processing and fusion.
  • Development of tools for the deployment and performance evaluation of single and multi-static surveillance systems.
  • Design and construction of prototypes of radar systems and subsystems from L-band to millimetre bands.


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