volBrain: Automated MRI Brain volumetry system

VolBrain is an online MRI brain volumetry system. It is intended to help researchers all over the world to obtain automatically volumetric brain information from their MRI data without the need for any infrastructure in their local sites.


  • Analysis of magnetic resonance images of the brain.

Technology Overview

VolBrain is a free online platform that allows the automatic, fast and detailed analysis of magnetic resonance images of the brain. It provides critical brain information for the advancement of research into neuronal pathologies. VolBrain provides information on the volumes of intracranial cavity tissues (cerebrospinal fluid, grey matter and white matter) and some macroscopic areas such as the cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum and brain stem.

It also provides the volumes and asymmetry indices of subcortical structures, essential in neurology. To this end, it incorporates a set of computer tools developed by researchers at the UPV and the CNRS (France), which allow for this exhaustive and precise analysis of brain volumetry by comparing each new case that arrives at the system with a database of 50 manually labelled brains.

VolBrain provides essential information for measuring brain atrophies, which could help diagnose and monitor neurological diseases where morphological alterations appear, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Among its main advantages, VolBrain stands out for its ease of use and speed of analysis, unlike other similar systems on the market. The user accesses the online service and, in about 15 minutes (as opposed to 15 hours for current systems), the system sends a detailed report with the results of the segmentation and processing of the brain volumes by e-mail.


José Vicente Manjón Herrera
ITACA Institute – Universitat Politècnica de Valencia
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46022 Valencia (Spain)

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Technology Details

IP Status:
Registered software

Phase of development:
TRL 9: The new software technology is fully available and can be used in any real-world environment.

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