MyCyFAPP: Professional Web Tool and Self-Management App

MyCyFAPP is a professional web tool and mobile app designed for cystic fibrosis management. It aids healthcare professionals in tracking patient health status, symptoms, and evolution, while providing patients and caregivers with support, increased disease understanding, and personalised treatment adherence. Crucially, it automatically calculates the optimal dose of pancreatic enzymes for each patient based on their food intake.


  • Healthcare: For doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and psychologists involved in the care of cystic fibrosis patients, the tool can help track the patients’ health status and symptom progression.
  • Patient Self-Management: The app allows cystic fibrosis patients and their caregivers to better understand the disease, adhere to treatments, and manage their daily health.

Technology Overview

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder affecting organs that secrete mucus like the lungs, pancreas, liver, and intestines. Cystic fibrosis causes the mucus to be thicker than average, causing the organs to work less effectively. It causes frequent lung infections, absence of digestive enzymes in the intestine, and excessive loss of salts through sweat. Most people with cystic fibrosis suffer from pancreatic insufficiency, which causes poor digestion of food and malabsorption. Malnutrition and delayed growth can be prevented by following precise enzyme replacement therapy, nutritional monitoring, and support. Due to pancreatic insufficiency, patients must follow an enzyme replacement therapy. However, calculating the optimal dose of enzymes is a challenge as it depends on the characteristics of each food. Thanks to the predictive model developed by MyCyFAPP and validated through digestion studies, patients can calculate their optimal dose of enzymes at each meal.

This web application allows healthcare professionals (doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and psychologists) to track patients’ health status, evolution, and symptoms. It is connected to the self-management application and offers trends and graphs of various variables. It can be integrated with the digital medical record.

The self-management tool is a mobile support application for patients and caregivers to increase their understanding of the disease, help them maintain treatment adherence, and share information about their health status with healthcare professionals. Additionally, the application can automatically calculate the optimal dose of pancreatic enzymes for each patient based on the type of food that is registered.


Antonio Martínez Millana
ITACA Institute – Universitat Politècnica de Valencia
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Technology Details

IP Status:
Registered software

Phase of development:
TRL 8: All functionalities of the software are simulated and tested in real scenarios.

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