LALABY: App to monitor the quality of life of cancer patients and improve their treatment decisions

The Lalaby app allows people to be monitored through movement sensors, location, conversation detection and smartphone data.

The Lalaby app makes it possible to obtain user behaviour patterns, relate them to medical and sports indicators, etc. Lalaby makes evaluating people’s daily activity possible based on the information collected automatically. This information can be of great help, for example, in monitoring patients’ quality of life undergoing cancer treatment and providing doctors with information obtained directly from the patient.


  • Oncology patients and, by adaptation, to other pathologies such as migraine or chronic Covid.

Technology Overview

Monitoring the quality of life of chronic patients is complicated and costly. As a result, patient self-reported outcomes are playing an increasingly important role. Using patients’ smartphones could reduce the current barrier to continuously monitoring cancer patients in clinical trials. Developments in monitoring tools have made it possible to collect objective, real-time data on patient activity in a non-intrusive way. Continuous physical and physiological monitoring in any setting would shorten patients’ hospital stay, improve recovery and diagnostic confidence, and also improve patients’ quality of life. In addition to physiological measurements, the daily physical activity of chronic patients represents an essential reflection of the quality of their daily life.

Smartphones represent a significant and growing presence in people’s daily lives worldwide. Most phones have various sensors, such as accelerometers, GPS, light and temperature sensors, and barometers. These sensors have become an excellent data source for measuring various aspects of a user’s daily life, including typical activities such as walking, playing sports, and sitting. Due to their ease of use and low installation costs, smartphones are becoming the central platform for human activity recognition.

The Lalaby app enables patient monitoring through motion sensors, location, conversation detection and smartphone data. A smartphone application called Lalaby has been developed to implement this approach.

The Lalaby app allows behavioural patterns to be obtained to relate them to the patient’s quality of life indicators. In this way, Lalaby makes it possible to assess the daily quality of life of cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment based on the information collected automatically with their mobile phones.


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Technology Details

IP Status:
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TRL 8: All functionalities of the software are simulated and tested in real scenarios.

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