Geolocation of cardiac arrhythmias

The present invention makes it possible to map the cardiac activity of both atria in real-time. A system of geolocation of electrical signals allows the characterisation of the electrophysiological behaviour of the heart, detecting patterns of non-stationary cardiac activity. The exact location of the target tissue will allow the medical treatment of ablation to be optimised.


  • Obtaining panoramic electrical maps during cardiac arrhythmias, atrial and ventricular, in which the electrical activity is not completely repeatable.
  • Localisation of arrhythmic foci in pathology, as well as identification of macro-input circuits of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias.

Technology Overview

The device developed by the inventors consists of various modules. The first collects surface information through electrodes and intracavitary information via catheters. Subsequently, a connection unit joins both records, which pass to the system for amplification, digitisation, and recording of electrocardiographic signals.

Next, the positioning systems act, on the one hand, the surface electrodes and, on the other hand, the intracavitary ones, where at least the geoposition of one of the electrodes is known to use a single coordinate system. The entire process takes place in real-time.

Once the signals have been registered and the geoposition of electrodes is known, the processing and analysis modules are responsible for generating the maps. In total, three maps are created: the global surface electrocardiographic, the sequential electroanatomical of the intracavitary record, and that reconstructed by solving the inverse problem of electrocardiography.

All the information generated goes through a control unit of the programmed electrical stimulation system.

Finally, the energy generation ablation system acts to apply the ablation through the catheters by the doctor.


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Technology Details

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TRL 4: Component validation and/or component layout in a laboratory environment.

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