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Science-based integrated forest mitigation management made operational for Europe

Today’s forest management decisions affect Europe’s ability to respond to the climate crisis in the long term. Because of forests’ enormous potential to absorb and lock up carbon as they grow, current forest practices will determine the continent’s climate change mitigation capacity throughout the next decades. And the latest science paints a positive picture in case better practices become mainstream: improved sustainable forest management can double forests’ climate change mitigation impact by 2050.

Still, crucial questions on how to manage existing forests for enhanced carbon capture, where and how to grow new forests and how to adapt to more frequent disturbances remain partially unanswered by science, unaddressed by policies and unexplored by carbon offsetting schemes.

To deliver meaningful knowledge and applicable solutions, INFORMA will pair up technological tools such as satellite imagery, data mining, and climate and ecosystem modelling with participatory approaches. This way, we will bridge the gap between stakeholders working in the field and science, policy, carbon markets and society in general. All this while considering various types of forest-climate interactions and the provision of other ecosystem services such as biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest products.

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1 July 2022 – 30 June 2026


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