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Advanced system for comprehensive monitoring of emissions and air quality in urban environments in the Valencia Region

Completing the first phase of AVI TRUST2030 in 2020 primarily resulted in the development of quantification models for the most significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources in the transport sector, the complete water cycle, and green infrastructures. Among the research findings, it is important to conclude that the primary source of urban emissions is vehicular traffic in cities. Thus, in Valencia, approximately 65% of the total GHG emissions are due to this source. In contrast, for the polluting emissions that measure air quality (SO2, NOx, O3, PM10, PM2.5), traffic is responsible for almost 90% of their concentration in the atmosphere.

In response to these preliminary results, the AVI airLUISA project has developed a comprehensive monitoring system for polluting gas emissions and air quality, establishing and applying a methodology for calculation and measurement with the highest spatial and temporal resolution and with the utmost scientific rigour. Moreover, based on this monitoring system, the project lays the scientific and technical groundwork for defining and designing specific improvement plans by areas, categorized according to their pollution levels and vulnerability, all based on the most advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with the ultimate goal of transferring the project’s research results to local administrations (starting with the city of Valencia) and to companies operating in the traffic and pollution management sector in the Valencian Community.

The strategic collaboration project AVI airLUISA (Advanced Integrated Monitoring System for Emissions and Air Quality in Urban Environments of the Valencian Community) was carried out by the consortium led by the Research Area on Information Technologies against Climate Change and for the Energy Transition (ICTvsCC) of the University Institute of Information Technologies and Communications (ITACA) of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), which brings together more than 40 researchers from eight UPV departments and includes two Valencian companies with extensive experience in research projects (ETRA I+D and SCILING) and a technological centre from the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (AIDIMME).

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Project duration:

1 July 2021 – 30 June 2023