Cardiac Oriented Research Group - COR

About Us

Arrhythmias are present in the life of a high percentage of the population not only in Spain, but in other countries too, with 1 in 3 middle-aged adults being in risk of developing cardiac arrythmias. Furthermore, cardiac pathologies cause a worsening in daily life and life expectancy, given that it supposes limitations in patients’ physical activity.

The Cardiac Oriented Research group, COR, belonging to the ITACA University Institute, develops scientific research of excellence in the cardiovascular area, and promotes applied technological development initiatives and the transfer of biomedical technology to different medical and industrial sectors. We work on improving the conditioning and processing of cardiac signals and parameters, to obtain different electrophysiological data and aid in their understanding.

The COR group focuses on bridging engineering, health sciences and artificial intelligence with the common goal of preventing, diagnosing, and fighting cardiac arrhythmias through innovative and non-invasive methods based on 3D intracardiac mapping, which improve the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatments.  The area is mainly composed of university staff specialising in bioelectromagnetic and biomedical engineering, with the assistance of contract researchers, predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers. Currently 14 people are full time working at the group.

COR develops its scientific and technological development activity within competitive programmes with regional, national, and European funding. Thus, the research group participates in national and international research projects, as well as in international medical technology consortiums

The research team, with more than 15 years of activity, is now well established with close ties to leading national and international research centres (Oxford University, UK; Stanford University, CA, USA) as well as to national and international industry), and to international associations, such as Arrythmia Alliance.  In addition, the group has bi-directional relationships with renowned hospitals and clinicians, to bring and prove the efficacy and validity of the research results first-hand in patients suffering from heart disease: among others, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Hospital Gregorio Marañón and Hospital la Fe in Valencia.