Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA)

volBrain: Automated MRI Brain volumetry system

Pipeline of processes aimed to automatically analyze MRI brain data

volBrain is an online MRI brain volumetry system. It is intended to help researchers all over the world to obtain automatically volumetric brain information from their MRI data without the need for any infrastructure in their local sites.


volBrain works in a fully automatic manner and is able to provide brain structure volumes without any human interaction. We encourage you to use the system hoping you find it useful:


volBrain works as a black box from the user point of view as it gets an anonymized MRI brain volume in NIFTI format and produces a pdf report with the volumes of the main IntraCranial Cavity (ICC) tissues (that is, CSF, GM and WM). It also provides volume information of some macroscopic areas such as brain hemispheres, cerebellum and brainstem. Finally, automatic subcortical structure segmentation is performed and related volumes and label maps are provided. The average processing time of the whole pipeline is around 12 minutes. However this time can vary depending on the number of jobs queued in our server. In the next figure a brief outline of the process is displayed.



Once the process is finished you will be notified by e-mail so you will be able to download a package including some image files and two (CSV and PDF) reports gathering all the volumetry values calculated from the segmentations. As you can see in the figure below the PDF includes patient information, parenchyma, brain tissues, macrostructure and subcortical structure volumes and also asymmetry indexes. It also includes several snapshots from the different labelling results as a quality control.



The number of cases each user can submit daily is limited to 10 cases in order to share our limited computational resources between all users. This evaluation version of volBrain is free for non-commercial and non-medical purposes. Please contact us for processing large amount of data.