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We are committed to supporting small and medium sized companies as well as big companies and public entities, improving our society through the transfer and application of knowledge from our research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.


Construction, piloting and applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)

Development of applications for drones: inspection of infrastructures and large crops, generation of cartography, cadastral control, assistance in natural disasters, etc.

Microwave energy applications MBTECH

To carry out high added value projects which have industrial application. This will be done by implementing microwave technology as a substitute for conventional technologies.

Biomedical Information Engineering

Semantic modeling of biomedical information by means of ontologies, terminology, archetypes, templates and detailed clinical models. Visualization and re-use of electronic medical records in clinical research and clinical guidelines.

Analysis and treatment of electrophysiological signals for research and/or clinical use

Development of systems and analysis packages for records on isolated heart in Langendorff systems or cell cultures.

Medical Image Processing for diagnosis support

Automatic filtering of MR images. Homogenization of MR images. Development of superresolution techniques. Automatic analysis techniques. Techniques for segmentation of tissues and brain structures.

Biomedical Mining Group - Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

Knowledge extraction of clinical and biomedical data for further discovery and understanding of medical knowledge through a common view focus on the specialist.


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