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Second SABIEN-Periscopio Workshop

Listening to the needs of patients


On October 25th, the second SABIEN-Periscopio Workshop (“Listening to the needs of patients”), organized by the Health and Wellbeing Area (SABIEN) of ITACA Institute, will take place in the Yellow Cube Hall of the Polytechnic City of Innovation (CPI) of Universitat Politècnica de València from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


On this occasion we will have the possibility to hear first-hand the needs of patients through the Valencian Association of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Family Association of Valencia, INCLIVA-Universitat de València and Norwegian Center for eHealth Research.


The web of the event is the following one: www.sabien.upv.es/event/periscopio2017/


Pre-registration is required.