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We are devoted to the development of new products and concepts. Get rapid access to some of our research results. Entries include ongoing as well as completed research and new developments.


Dielectric Kit for Materials Characterization at Microwave Frequencies

Instrument to determine the complex permittivity (dielectric constant and loss factor) of a wide range of liquid, granular or powdered materials around the ISM frequency of 2.45 GHz.

Android application "ColorArch"

Software to select combinations of colors following the criteria of renowned architects. It allows to know their characteristics in a standard color notation system.

Characterization of biological signatures of glioblastomas (CURIAM BT +)

CURIAM BT + is a computer system that allows experts to intuitively observe biological signatures related to biological processes of tissues. This allows predicting the aggressiveness of the tumors as well as the expected survival.

Low-cost apparatus to evaluate the visibility of roads with fog

The device evaluates the degree of visibility and transfers the data to digital code, reaches 600 meters and is designed to be placed on the signs of highways and motorways to prevent accidents caused by the presence of fog.

Software for the ergonomic evaluation of jobs (Ergonautas-Toolbox)

Powerful tool of support in the management and ergonomic evaluation of jobs. You can evaluate positions to detect the presence of ergonomic risk factors and obtain recommendations for redesign.

Microwave sensor for non-invasive component monitoring for the footwear industry

Non-invasive microwave sensor for the measurement of the properties of fluids (polyol and isocyanate, components of shoe soles) circulating in a continuous way through a pipe, so the contamination or deterioration grade can be determined from these properties.


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