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The following list of ITACA participating publications covers the various scientific areas investigated at ITACA. Publications can be filtered by date, category and keyword. The search options are displayed in the left margin.

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A detailed list and a periodic table of set classes

Nuño Fernández, Luis

Journal of Mathematics and Music, VOLUME , Nº, 2020, pp.1-21

A General Model for the Design of Efficient Sign-Coding Tools for Wavelet-Based Encoders

López-Granado, Otoniel Mario; Martínez-Rach, Miguel Onofre; Martí-Campoy, Antonio; Cruz-Chávez, Marco Antonio; Pérez Malumbres, Manuel

Electronics , VOLUME 9, Nº11, 2020, pp.1-17

A New Ammonium Smart Sensor with Interference Rejection

Capella Hernández, Juan Vicente; Bonastre Pina, Alberto Miguel; Campelo Rivadulla, José Carlos; Ors Carot, Rafael; Peris Tortajada, Miguel

Sensors, VOLUME 20, Nº7102, 2020, pp.-

A New Stand-Alone Microwave Instrument for Measuring the Complex Permittivity of Materials at Microwave Frequencies

Gutiérrez Cano, José Daniel; Plaza González, Pedro José; Canós Marín, Antoni Josep; García-Baños, Beatriz; Catalá Civera, José Manuel; Penaranda-Foix, Felipe L.

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, VOLUME 69, Nº6, 2020, pp.3595-3605

A robust wavelet-based approach for dominant frequency analysis of atrial fibrillation in body surface signals

Victor G Marques; RODRIGO BORT, MIGUEL; Guillem Sánchez, María Salud; Salinet, Joao

Physiological Measurement, VOLUME 41, Nº7, 2020, pp.-

Alternative use of rice straw ash as natural fertilizer to reduce phosphorous pollution in protected wetland ecosystems

Carricondo-Antón, Juan Manuel; González Romero, Juan Andrés; Mengual Cuquerella, Jesús; Turegano Pastor, José Vicente; Oliver Villanueva, José Vicente

International Journal Of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture (Online), VOLUME 9, Nº, 2020, pp.61-74

An Assessment and Spatial Modelling of Agricultural Land Abandonment in Spain (2015–2030)

Perpiñá Castillo, Carolina; Coll-Aliaga, Eloína; Carlo Lavalle; Martínez Llario, José Carlos

Sustainability, VOLUME 12, Nº560, 2020, pp.-

AssemblyNet: A large ensemble of CNNs for 3D whole brain MRI segmentation

PIERRICK COUPÉ; Boris Mansecal; Michael Clement; Rémi Giraud; Baudouin Denis de Senneville; Vinh-Thong Ta; Vincent Lepetit; Manjón Herrera, José Vicente

NeuroImage, VOLUME 219, Nº, 2020, pp.1-12

Atrial location optimization by electrical measures for Electrocardiographic Imaging

Gisbert Soler, Víctor; Jiménez-Serrano, Santiago; Roses-Albert, Eduardo; RODRIGO BORT, MIGUEL

Computers in Biology and Medicine, VOLUME 127, Nº, 2020, pp.1-8

Automatic quality electrogram assessment improves phase-based reentrant activity identification in atrial fibrillation

Costoya-Sánchez, Alejandro; Climent, Andreu M.; Hernández-Romero, Ismael; Liberos Mascarell, Alejandro; Fernández-Avilés, Francisco; Narayan, Sanjiv M.; Atienza, Felipe; Guillem Sánchez, María Salud; RODRIGO BORT, MIGUEL

Computers in Biology and Medicine, VOLUME 117, Nº, 2020, pp.1-8

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