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SABIEN Periscopio Conference 2019 (September 20, 2019)

The central theme is "The digital health fracture"

Next Friday, September 20, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. in the Yellow Cube Assembly Hall (Building 8E, Access G, 3rd floor) of the Polytechnic City of Innovation ( CPI) a new edition of the SABIEN Periscope Day will be held.

For the third consecutive year, ITACA-SABIEN organizes its periscope day as a forum to generate debate and knowledge around a key issue in the field of health. On this occasion, the central theme of the day will be focused on the difference in speed in which society is being incorporated into the use of digital services and the delay in the incorporation of said services by health systems. This will be structured in two parts:

In the first part we will try to know what is the current situation in the digitalization of health services and the use of ICT by the different actors involved in health, as well as the possible causes that have led to the current scenario. Is health digitalization an unfinished task? Do patients and professionals claim more digital services than are offered? Is there a true digital health fracture? Is there a dynamic of change for the next few years?

In the second part we will try to get ideas and discuss possible solutions to the problems raised by talking about what the role of technology can be in responding to the needs of sustainability and citizen care. We will share ideas, discuss and try to generate knowledge by actively participating in a debate where all attendees are invited to participate.

All information related to the event as well as its registration (limited capacity) is available on the website: http://www.sabien.upv.es/event/periscopio2019/