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We are devoted to the development of new products and concepts. Get rapid access to some of our research results. Entries include ongoing as well as completed research and new developments.


Smart service to support the mobility of the elderly: "Help Outdoors".

Location and traceability through a mobile or portable device of the elderly when they are out of their home, providing greater peace of mind to the elderly, their relatives and their caregivers.

volBrain: Automated MRI Brain volumetry system

volBrain is an online MRI brain volumetry system. It is intended to help researchers all over the world to obtain automatically volumetric brain information from their MRI data without the need for any infrastructure in their local sites.

Catheter for the detection of electrical activity in an organ

The catheter presents a novel design. In particular, the arrangement of the electrodes substantially reduces the errors introduced by the measurement.

Smart nutritional support and guidance service for the elderly: "Nutritional Advisor".

Computer application that aims to promote healthy lifestyle habits for older people through the suggestion of daily or weekly menus customized to their preferences and nutritional needs.

System for the monitoring and characterization of a solar photovoltaic module

Determination of the voltage-intensity curve of a photovoltaic solar module, without the need for laboratory tests, without modifying the production of electrical power and therefore without altering the operation of the solar plant.

e-DPI. Software for the ergonomics work risks assessment

Software aimed to ergonomic assessment of jobs using methods of wide dissemination. It allows the data collection and introduction objectively and the diagnosis establishment about the physic environment, physic charge, mental charge, psychosocial aspects and work times.

In situ dynamic measurements of the complex permittivity of dielectric materials at high temperatures

This system provides the dielectric properties of materials as a function of temperature by an improved cavity perturbation method during heating, with an accuracy of the complex permittivity better than 5% with respect to a rigorous analysis (full wave method) of the cavity.

Evaluation and rating of the quality of biomedical data repositories (DQV)

The Data Quality Vector (DQV) is the fundamental module for a service to evaluate the quality of biomedical data repositories that ensures their value for exploitation in clinical, strategic, directive, scientific and qualifying decisions.


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