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Computer Science

Progress in Computer Science has furnished the basis of the Knowledge Era. Indeed, each new development or improvement in ICT is a potential source of opportunities that can lead to pervasive and radical changes in our lives.

Research in this field at ITACA focuses on obtaining a better knowledge of these opportunities, regardless of their end application, in an industrial environment or in response to the challenges that our society is facing.

Our current research in this field is grouped into the following topics.

Big Data

Evidence based on data may be difficult to analyze and may require stratification and predictive analytics tools. Visualization tools to classify and compare data may be necessary for decision making. ITACA has a wealth of experience in predictive analytics and the development of decision support systems.

Researchers leading this area: Juan M Garcia-Gomez

Process Mining

Automating the processes of any type of organization is vital to improve productivity and to optimize costs. Process Mining can help us understand much better how processes are performed. ITACA has developed tools based on process choreography for the incorporation of multi-platform services that allow us to easily integrate M2M intercommunication systems.

Researchers leading this area: C Fernandez-Llatas

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

The use of computational methods and information retrieval systems offers a broad range of possibilities for modeling and problem solving involving complex biological networks. ITACA is developing tools to work with biological data and to study the biological behavior of human organs using computational models.

Researchers leading this area: MS Guillem, Javier F Urchueguía

Internet of Things (IoT)

ITACA is developing efficient technologies for the integration of distributed and heterogeneous data, standardization and semantic interoperability and data quality in the Internet of Things. With a strong expertise in sensornetworks, embedded systems and intelligent sensors, ITACA is developing and integrating systems that constitute a smart environment around the user.

Researchers leading this area: A Bonastre, R Ors, F Rodriguez-Ballester, V Traver

Digital Signal Processing

With multiple applications within the engineering field, ITACA has extensive experience in digital signal processing, including communications and ultrasonic signals. These modalities have been applied to different areas, such as the suppression of interference in mobile telephone networks and the characterization of materials with potential biomedical applications.

Researchers leading this area: A Cebrian

Systems Reliability

Ensuring that computer systems are secure and reliable is crucial for user confidence. Reliability and safety has a decisive impact on the brand image of products and their manufacturers. ITACA provides methodologies for the development, verification and benchmarking of reliable and safe embedded solutions.

Researchers leading this area: DD Andres, P Gil, JC Ruiz

Industrial Networks

ITACA develops efficient solutions to address low-level communications in control systems. This entails communication between sensor, processing and actuation elements. These solutions can be either wired or wireless in environments based on embedded systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, or general purpose systems (PCs and industrial PCs).

Researchers leading this area: JC Campelo

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks form the basis of many new technologies termed “Smart” technologies (smart cities, smart meters, smart factories, etc.). ITACA has been developing high-performance low-energy-consumption wireless sensor networks for many years, and has developed applications for precision agriculture, environmental monitoring (including marine environments), fire detection, heritage conservation and industrial equipment control, among others.

Researchers leading this area: S Blanc, Angel Perles, JJ Serrano