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The following list of ITACA participating publications covers the various scientific areas investigated at ITACA. Publications can be filtered by date, category and keyword. The search options are displayed in the left margin.

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A Centralized Route-Management Solution for Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Areas

Zambrano-Martinez, Jorge; Tavares De Araujo Cesariny Calafate, Carlos Miguel; David Soler; Lemus Zúñiga, Lenin Guillermo; Cano, Juan-Carlos; Manzoni, Pietro; Thierry Gayraud

Electronics , VOLUME 8, Nº7, 2019, pp.1-23

A European Database of Building Energy Profiles to Support the Design of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Laura Carnieletto; Badenes Badenes, Borja; Marco Belliardi; Adriana Bernardi; Samantha Graci; Giuseppe Emmi; Urchueguía Schölzel, Javier Fermín; Angelo Zarrella; Antonino Di Bella; Giorgia Dalla Santa ; Antonio Galgaro; Giulia Mezzasalma; Michele De Carli

Energies, VOLUME 12, Nº13, 2019, pp.-

A Game-Theory Method to Design Job Rotation Schedules to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders Based on Workers’ Preferences and Competencies

Asensio-Cuesta, Sabina; Garcia-Gomez, Juan M; Poza-Lujan, Jose-Luis; Conejero, J. Alberto

International Journal of Environmental research and Public Health, VOLUME 16, Nº23, 2019, pp.1-17

A step ahead on efficient microwave heating for kaolinite

Julian Jimenez-Reinosa; García-Baños, Beatriz; Catalá Civera, José Manuel; José F. Fernandez

Applied Clay Science , VOLUME 168, Nº, 2019, pp.237-243

Adaptive access class barring for efficient mMTC

Leyva-Mayorga, Israel; Rodríguez-Hernández, Miguel A.; Pla, Vicent; Martínez Bauset, Jorge; Luis Tello-Oquendo

Computer Networks, VOLUME 149, Nº, 2019, pp.252-264

Advantages offered by the double magnetic loops versus the conventional single ones

Mocholí-Belenguer, Ferran; Mocholí Salcedo, Antonio; Guill Ibáñez, Antonio; VICTOR MILIAN SANCHEZ

PLoS ONE, VOLUME , Nº, 2019, pp.1-24

Analysis of CO2 as bioindicator of termite degradation in wood structures

Oliver Villanueva, José Vicente; Ibiza-Palacios, M.S.; LERMA ARCE, VICTORIA; Jorge E. Luzuriaga; Lemus Zúñiga, Lenin Guillermo

Wood Research, VOLUME 64, Nº6, 2019, pp.-

Analyzing of Gender Behaviors from Paths Using Process Mining: A Shopping Mall Application

Onur Dogan; Bayo-Monton, Jose Luis; Fernández Llatas, Carlos; Basar Oztaysi

Sensors, VOLUME 19, Nº3, 2019, pp.-

Applying ANFIS Model in Decision-making of Vertical Handover between Macrocell and Femtocell Integrated Network

Benaatou, Wafa; Latif, Adnane; Pla, Vicent

Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering , VOLUME 11, Nº1, 2019, pp.57-62

Autoimmune Diabetes Recurrence After Pancreas Transplantation: Diagnosis, Management, and Literature Review

M Argente-Pla; Martinez-Millana, Antonio; María Isabel Del Olmo-García; Jordi Espí-Reig; Judith Pérez-Rojas; Traver Salcedo, Vicente; JF Merino-Torres

Annals of Transplantation, VOLUME , Nº24, 2019, pp.608-616

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