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The following list of ITACA participating publications covers the various scientific areas investigated at ITACA. Publications can be filtered by date, category and keyword. The search options are displayed in the left margin.

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Characterization of Nematic Liquid Crystal at Microwave Frequencies Using Split-Cylinder Resonator Method

Sánchez-Marín, Juan Rafael; Nova-Giménez, Vicente; Bachiller Martin, Maria Carmen; Belén Villacampa; Alberto de la Rua; Kronberger, Rainer; Penaranda-Foix, Felipe L.; Boria Esbert, Vicente Enrique

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, VOLUME 67, Nº7, 2019, pp.2812-2820

Competition in data-based service provision: Nash equilibrium characterization

Guijarro, Luis; Pla, Vicent; Vidal Catalá, José Ramón; Naldi, Maurizio

Future Generation Computer Systems, VOLUME 96, Nº, 2019, pp.35-50

CyanoFactory, a European consortium to develop technologies needed toadvance cyanobacteria as chassis for production of chemicals and fuels

Peter LindBlad; Fuente-Herraiz, David; Friederike Borbe; Bernardo Cicchi; Conejero, J. Alberto; Narciso Couto; Helena Čelešnik; Marcello M. Diano; Marko Dolinar; Serena Esposito; Caroline Evans; Eunice A. Ferreira; Namita Khanna; Kind, Gabriel; Lemus-Zúñiga, Lenin G.; Siurana, Maria; Urchueguía Schölzel, Javier Fermín

Algal Research, VOLUME 41, Nº, 2019, pp.1-15

Deep Reinforcement Learning Mechanism for Dynamic Access Control in Wireless Networks Handling mMTC

Pacheco-Paramo, Diego F.; Luis Tello-Oquendo; Pla, Vicent; Martínez Bauset, Jorge

Ad Hoc Networks, VOLUME , Nº, 2019, pp.-

Discrete Time Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks with Non-Saturated Source of Secondary Users

Pla, Vicent; Alfa, Attahiru S.; Martínez Bauset, Jorge; Casares-Giner, Vicente

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (Online), VOLUME , Nº, 2019, pp.1-12

Driving Type 2 Diabetes Risk Scores into Clinical Practice: Performance Analysis in Hospital Settings

Martinez-Millana, Antonio; M Argente-Pla; BERNARDO VALDIVIESO; Traver Salcedo, Vicente; JF Merino-Torres

Journal of Clinical Medicine , VOLUME 8, Nº1, 2019, pp.-

Duopoly Provision of Services Based on Wireless Sensor-supplied Data: a Differential Game Model

Sanchis-Cano, Ángel; Guijarro, Luis; Pla, Vicent; Vidal Catalá, José Ramón

Mobile Networks and Applications (Online), VOLUME , Nº, 2019, pp.1-11

Economic Analysis of a Multi-Sided Platform for Sensor-Based Services in the Internet of Things

Guijarro, Luis; Vidal Catalá, José Ramón; Pla, Vicent; Naldi, Maurizio

Sensors, VOLUME 19, Nº373, 2019, pp.1-23

Efficient Random Access Channel Evaluation and Load Estimation in LTE-A with Massive MTC

Luis Tello-Oquendo; Pla, Vicent; Leyva-Mayorga, Israel; Martínez Bauset, Jorge; Casares-Giner, Vicente; Guijarro, Luis

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, VOLUME 68, Nº2, 2019, pp.1998-2002

El Proceso Creativo de Enric Miralles

Gilabert Sanz, Salvador; Barros da Rocha e Costa, Hugo A.

DISEGNARE, VOLUME , Nº, 2019, pp.-

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