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The following list of ITACA participating publications covers the various scientific areas investigated at ITACA. Publications can be filtered by date, category and keyword. The search options are displayed in the left margin.

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Capacidad de dispersión de Neophilaenus campestris, vector de Xylella fastidiosa. ¿Realmente se desplazan solamente 100 metros?

C. Lago; M. Morente; Heras-Bravo; Martí-Campoy, Antonio; Rodríguez-Ballester, Francisco; M. Plaza; A. Moreno; A. Fereres

Phytoma España, VOLUME , Nº320, 2020, pp.11-16

Characterization of atrial arrhythmias in body surface potential mapping: A computational study

Gonçalves Marques, Victor; RODRIGO BORT, MIGUEL; Guillem Sánchez, María Salud; Salinet, Joao

Computers in Biology and Medicine, VOLUME 127, Nº, 2020, pp.1-13

Classification model based on strain measurements to identify patients with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy with left ventricular involvement

Vives-Gilabert, Yolanda; Zorio, Esther; Sanz-Sánchez, Jorge; Calvillo-Batllés, Pilar; Millet Roig, José; Castells, Francisco

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, VOLUME 188, Nº, 2020, pp.1-9

Community detection-based deep neural network architectures: A fully automated framework based on Likert-scale data

Perez-Benito, Francisco Javier; Garcia-Gomez, Juan M; NAVARRO PARDO, ESPERANZA; Conejero, J. Alberto

Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, VOLUME 43, Nº14, 2020, pp.8290-8301

Correlations between Background Radiation Inside a Multilayer Interleaving Structure, Geomagnetic Activity, and Cosmic Radiation: A Fourth-Order Cumulant-Based Correlation Analysis

Iglesias-Martinez, Miguel Enrique; Castro-Palacio, Juan Carlos; F. Scholkmann; VICTOR MILIAN SANCHEZ; Fernández de Córdoba, Pedro; Mocholí Salcedo, Antonio; Mocholí-Belenguer, Ferran; V.A. Kolombet; Victor A. Panchelyuga; Verdú Martín, Gumersindo Jesús

Mathematics , VOLUME 8, Nº344, 2020, pp.P.1-P.8

Cost-Effective Implementation of a Temperature Traceability System Based on Smart RFID Tags and IoT Services

Oscar Urbano; Perles Ivars, Angel; Cesar Pedraza; RUBIO-ARRAEZ, SUSANA; Castelló Gómez, María Luisa; Ortolá Ortolá, Mª Dolores; Mercado Romero, Ricardo

Sensors, VOLUME , Nº1163, 2020, pp.1-19

Data-driven discovery of changes in clinical code usage over time: a case-study on changes in cardiovascular disease recording in two English electronic health records databases (2001–2015)

Patrick Rockenschaub; Vincent Nguyen; Robert W Aldrige; Dionisio Acosta; Garcia-Gomez, Juan M; Sáez Silvestre, Carlos

BMJ Open, VOLUME 10, Nº2, 2020, pp.-

Design and Evaluation of a Solo-Resident Smart Home Testbed for Mobility Pattern Monitoring and Behavioural Assessment

Mohsen Shirali; Bayo-Monton, Jose Luis; Fernández Llatas, Carlos; Mona Ghassemian; Traver Salcedo, Vicente

Sensors, VOLUME 20, Nº24, 2020, pp.-

Detecting Weak Signals of the Future: A System Implementation Based on Text Mining and Natural Language Processing

Griol Barres, Israel; Sergio Milla; Cebrián Ferriols, Antonio José; Huaan Fan, Division of Geodesy and Satellite Positioning, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), SE-10; Millet Roig, José

Sustainability, VOLUME 12, Nº19, 2020, pp.7848-

Development of advanced materials guided by numerical simulations to improve performance and cost-efficiency of borehole heat exchangers (BHEs)

Badenes Badenes, Borja; Sanner, Burkhard; Mateo Pla, Miguel Ángel; Cuevas, José Manuel; Bartoli, Flavia; Ciardelli, Francesco; González, Rosa M.; Ghafar, Ali Nejad; Fontana, Patrick; Lemus Zúñiga, Lenin Guillermo; Urchueguía Schölzel, Javier Fermín

Energy, VOLUME 201, Nº, 2020, pp.1-17

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