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The following list of ITACA participating publications covers the various scientific areas investigated at ITACA. Publications can be filtered by date, category and keyword. The search options are displayed in the left margin.

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A Dynamic Channel Access Strategy for Underlay CRNs: Markov Modeling and Performance Evaluation

Jalali, Elmira; Balapuwaduge, Indika A. M.; Li, Frank Y.; Pla, Vicent

Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, VOLUME 28, Nº1, 2017, pp.1-11

A happiness degree predictor using the conceptual data structure for deep learning architectures

Garcia-Gomez, Juan M; Conejero, J. Alberto; Villacampa-Fernandez, Patricia; Perez-Benito, Francisco Javier; NAVARRO PARDO, ESPERANZA

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, VOLUME , Nº0, 2017, pp.-

A hybrid method for the QoS analysis and parameter optimization in time-critical random access wireless sensor networks

Israel Leyva-Mayorga; Pla, Vicent; Martínez Bauset, Jorge; Rivero-Angeles, Mario E.

Journal of Network and Computer Applications, VOLUME 83, Nº0, 2017, pp.190-203

A model to design setup time sequence dependent flow–shop scheduling considering productivity and ergonomic

Asensio-Cuesta, Sabina; Gómez-Gasquet, Pedro

Dyna. New Technologies, VOLUME 5, Nº0, 2017, pp.1-15

Age slowing down in detection and visual discrimination under varying presentation times

C. Moret-Tatay; Lemus Zúñiga, Lenin Guillermo; DIANA ABAD TORTOSA; Gamermann ., Daniel; VAZQUEZ-MARTINEZ, ANDREA; NAVARRO PARDO, ESPERANZA; Conejero, J. Alberto

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, VOLUME 58, Nº4, 2017, pp.304-311

Anomalous effects of radioactive decay rates and capacitance values measured inside a modified Faraday cage: Correlations with space weather

F. Scholkmann; VICTOR MILIAN SANCHEZ; Mocholí Salcedo, Antonio; Milián Enrique, Carles; V.A. Kolombet; Verdú Martín, Gumersindo Jesús

EPL (Europhysics Letters), VOLUME 117, Nº0, 2017, pp.1-3

Are Health Videos from Hospitals, Health Organizations, and Active Users Available to Health Consumers? An Analysis of Diabetes Health Video Ranking in YouTube

Fernández Llatas, Carlos; Traver Salcedo, Vicente; Borrás Morell, José Enrique; Martinez-Millana, Antonio; Karlsen, Rando

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, VOLUME 2017, Nº8194, 2017, pp.-

Building bridges for innovation in ageing: Synergies between action groups of the EIP on AHA

Monsonís-Payá, Irene; Bousquet, Jean; Traver Salcedo, Vicente

Journal of Nutrition Health & Aging (Online), VOLUME 21, Nº1, 2017, pp.92-104

Cardiac tamponade during catheter-based ablation of cardiac arrhythmias: experience matters

Calvo Saiz, Conrado Javier

Xiangya Medicine, VOLUME 2, Nº10, 2017, pp.1-3

Case Management for Patients with Complex Multimorbidity: Development and Validation of a Coordinated Intervention between Primary and Hospital Care

Tortajada Velert, Salvador; MS.GIMENEZ CAMPOS; Villar-López, Julia; FAUBEL CAVA, RAQUEL; Lucas Donat-Castelló; BERNARDO VALDIVIESO; Elisa Soriano-Melchor; Amparo Bahamontes-Mulió; Garcia-Gomez, Juan M

International Journal of Integrated Care, VOLUME , Nº0, 2017, pp.-

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