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Jeanologia Mission Zero Chair

The Chair wants to integrate all the UPV campuses, centers, departments and Institutes related to sustainability and the circular economy


EDIBO project

Free intensive training in ICTs adapted to the needs of companies and internships



ITACA-UPV coordinates a European project to explore the potential of escape rooms for health education and training


International Women’s Day 2021

Gender equality must be at the heart of the post-pandemic recovery


Corify Care opens a financing round

600.000 EUR to carry out the prospective clinical validation of Acorys® and obtain the CE marking


European project IDemocracy

Increase in competencies related to the exercise of democratic rights in the digital society of people with disabilities and support personnel


European project DISH

The Universitat Politècnica de València, the University of Valencia and La Fe Hospital improve the digital skills of healthcare personnel


UPV’s swearing in ceremony for new elected Directors

José Manuel Catalá Civera renews his position as Director of ITACA Institute


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