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WIICT 2021: Process Mining for Health (PM4H)

PM4H is dedicated to scientific and applied research, technological development and technology transfer initiatives in the field of Process Mining for Health. Born within the SABIEN group of ITACA, PM4H is the result of the experience garnered by SABIEN in healthcare as the fruit of years of hard work with multitude of European, National and […]


WIICT 2021: Air Navigation Systems (SNA)

Everyday thousands of aircrafts fly in the sky. In the mid-term, a huge number of unmanned aircraft will share the airspace with manned ones. To guarantee a safe, ordered and environmentally friendly use of such a scarce resource, specific technologies and procedures must be defined.   The ITACA Air Navigation Systems group (SNA) contributes to […]


WIICT 2021: Cardiac Oriented Research (COR)

Cardiac arrhythmias affect to one in three adults: more than 10 million Europeans do suffer a cardiac arrhythmia. In 2021, almost 70% of heart arrhythmias cannot be cured, and they cost more than two hundred thousand millions of euros to the European Union each year. Nowadays, fundamental mechanisms of initiation and maintenance of arrhythmias remain […]


WIICT 2021: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN-RIS)

One of the WSN team’s areas of work is LPWANs, a specific approach for Internet of Things (IoT) implementation. It allows the development of devices able to operate for years without battery replacement and to transfer data over long distances.   IoT and specifically LPWAN technologies are a perfect complement to other conventional technologies such […]


WIICT 2021: Biomedical Data Science (BDSLab)

The Biomedical Data Science Lab (BDSLab) is a multidisciplinary research group committed to developing a technology based on data science & artificial intelligence for real health problems. BDSLab expertise includes machine learning, predictive modelling, data quality and variability, multiparametric tissue signatures, decision support systems, and medical imaging.   Aiming to a trustworthy data use, BDSLAb […]


WIICT 2021: Fault Tolerant Systems (STF)

For the last 30 years, the Fault Tolerant Systems group at UPV has been investigating on the design and evaluation of computer-based systems with dependability and security requirements, such as safety, reliability, privacy and high availability.   This research is of utmost importance today. Our society is increasingly dependent on the proper operation of networked […]


WIICT 2021: Health and Wellbeing (SABIEN)

SABIEN is the group of Technological Innovations for Health and Wellbeing.   SABIEN is mainly focused on the application of Information and Communication Technologies to improve the quality of life of our society.   Sabien’s main areas of work are: “Health and internet”, “Systems for Integrated Management of Health” and “Automation and Process Mining”


WIICT 2021: A Tribute to Ferran Mocholí

A few months before his death, Ferran Mocholí prepared a video in which he explained the technological capabilities of his research group, the Traffic Control System division of ITACA Institute.   It is our wish that his video serves as a tribute to a great person.


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