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We are committed to supporting small and medium sized companies as well as big companies and public entities, improving our society through the transfer and application of knowledge from our research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.


Thermal tests for thermal characterization of vertical ground heat exchangers (BHE)

Performing of thermal tests in order to characterize ground heat exchangers that will be part of a geothermal installation.

Design and Implementation of Secure Web Applications

Design and development of Web applications that allow employees to access the information they need in a simple but secure way through mobile devices.

Digital platforms for energy efficiency, inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of nature and fight against climate change

Development of standards, platforms and methodologies for the acquisition, description and transmission of information between the different agents of an energy system.

Smart Secure Interoperable Systems for sustainability

Desarrollo de sistemas seguros interoperables que ayuden a combatir el cambio climático.

Development of equipment for radar and radiolocation systems

Design and construction of prototypes of systems and subsystems. Radar data processing systems. Development of tools for the deployment and evaluation of distributed radar systems and surveillance systems based on GNSS.

Development and implementation of electronic systems

Design and implementation of tailored mixed electronic systems (analog, digital and microprocessor-based). Development of the firmware for the microprocessor, supporting different architectures of microcontroller/microprocessor. Implementation of the electronic system in a functional prototype.

Characterization of the dielectric properties of materials

Characterization of materials through coaxial probes, guides and resonant cavities in waveguides. Measurement of the dielectric characteristics according to other parameters such as temperature, composition, etc.

Development of applicators/ovens for heating materials

The use of microwave energy for heating reduces processing times and costs, consuming up to 70% less energy than other traditional heating processes.


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